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This term we will be learning the story of Creation within the Bible. We will be learning that every living creature is precious to God and will be thinking how we can help to protect the World we live in.


Week 5 - we listened to the Creation story and read the passage from Matthew 10: 29-31. We discussed what it may mean and that Christians believe that God loves all living creatures. We went outside to look for sparrows that are mentioned in the passage and then listened to The Worried Sparrow. We shared our own worries.

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Week 4 - this week we explored when God created man in the Creation story. We brought in our baby photos and we predicted who the baby was now, including Mrs Tory, Miss Hardy and Miss Ingamells. We talked about how we are all different and unique and that Christians believe that God created all man and loves us all. We then found a partner and looked at them, we drew faces of each other and compared ourselves.

Week 3 - we went into the school grounds to notice aspects of nature in the Creation story. We took photos of living things we found and then shared them with the class.

Week 2 - we listened to, and then discussed the Creation story and then drew pictures to represent the days

Week 1 - sharing our precious items

The children brought in their 'precious' items to share with the class. They talked about their items and why they are precious to them. 

"My Baby Paws rule is that he doesn't like loud noises, or he runs away". The children who brought photos of their pets told us all about them "he can't come to school because he would go crazy" and "Peggy's favourite toy is the one on the picture, it's a spider".