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Welcome toSt Nicholas Church of England Primary Academy


This week is our second week focusing on poetry!  I do hope you have been enjoying your new poetry books at home and have been sharing them with your families!




Today is class story day and we are going to enjoy the story Charlie Cook's favourite book!.  Listen to the story here:

Did you enjoy the story?

Do you have a favourite story? 

Why do you like it? 

What makes it special?



This week we will be enjoying a story with lots of rhyme inside!  Read the story together and spot the poems the little boy uses to make up his excuses!  There are some funny ones....perhaps you'll be able to make up some more rhymes of your own!
Challenge:  Can you look through the book and spot the rhyming words?  I like the rhyme: llamas and pyjamas!  How many rhymes can you find?


Enjoy the story again.  Perhaps you could help your grown up to read it today?  


Challenge:  Today's challenge is to create some rhyming strings.  These are sets of words that all rhyme. For example: cat, mat, hat, fat, sat.

 Use the worksheet below and see if you can create some rhyming strings using the words. (Remember you do not have to print this, you could record your rhyming string in your book!)


Today we are going to join in with some performance poetry.  This means it's a poem that you can perform!  This is a very well known poem by Michael Rosen and he even teaches us the actions!  Perhaps during our class teams call tomorrow we could perform this together!  Join in with Michael Rosen and then see if you can perform the poem to your family!

Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt


This morning we will meet together on Teams. We will be sharing our performance poetry together.  If you have time before our meeting please practice the Bear Hunt again above so you are ready to perform as a class!

If you have any other time you might like to explore some other poems performed by Michael Rosen on his website linked below!