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Welcome toSt Nicholas Church of England Primary Academy


This term, we will be continuing with our Phase 3 phonics learning. We will begin by revising the digraphs (2 letters that make 1 sound) and trigraphs (3 letters that make 1 sound) taught in term 3. Part of this learning involves reading and writing words that contain these diagraphs and trigraphs.


The phonemes, diagraphs and trigraphs that we will be learning are:


j v w x y z zz

qu ch sh th

ng ai ee igh 

oa oo ar or

ur ow oi er

ear air ure


We will also be learning to read and write Phase 3 tricky words. These are the words that we cannot sound out. Our tricky words are:


he   she   we   my   was    me   be   they   all   you   are


Children will receive a sheet with the new sounds on each week to add to their phonics pack. Please continue to support your child at home with their phonics learning.


Please speak to us if you would like any help with this.