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Vocabulary:  Infer, explain, predict, summarise, vocabulary, colossal, repulsive, loyalty, factory


 Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a classic children's book about five children who win a chance to tour Willy Wonka's mysterious candy-making operation. It's a vividly told wild ride with amusing, cartoon-like sketches that will keep kids excited and laughing. Various forms of bad behavior are demonstrated, and are punished in ways that perfectly fit the crimes. Charlie lives a life of poverty that's portrayed as bleak and depressing, although the love between him and his family makes their day-to-day struggles more bearable.

We will also be studying a range of other texts and extracts this term looking at the vocabulary choices, making predicitons, learning to summarise, infer and explain our thoughts and opinions.

Reading at Home

Reading is your 'golden ticket' and by reading at home, you will not only be opening a whole new world of opportunity in your learning but you are able to escape into different worlds and experience life as different people!  We will be encouraging children to read daily at home and to love books!  there will be daily Dojo rewards for those that do!


Vocabulary: Cultures, paragraphs, direct speech, determiner, first person, 3rd person, pronouns,  fronted adverbials, adverbs.


This term we will be 'writing to entertain' writing narratives in both the 1st and 3rd person!  In our first block we will use the story of 'Sugarcane Juice' by Pratimal Mitchell as a starting point for our own writing.  Once we have studied the setting, characters and plot, we will then plan and write our own version of the story!

After this we will move nto writing in the first person!  The children will be asked to pretend they now Charlie Bucket and will then write in the 1st person a narrative about the day that Charlie go to go inside the factory!  

Here are some videos that will help you to understand some of the grammar we are learning!

What are Pronouns?

What are Determiners? |

What are Prepositions?