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*****Newsflash! Have you been finding maths a bit tricky this week? Find out some top tips from Mrs Smith here: 

This week we start our addition and subtraction unit within 20.  Each day you will see a video and a worksheet.  Watch the video together and then see if you can answer the questions.  Each worksheet has different numbered challenges.  The expectation is that all children complete challenges 1 and 2.  The challenges after those are extension task for those who are able to complete them!


Remember: you do not have to print the worksheet you can record your answers in your exercise book or discuss your answers with someone at home.

In Year 1 a lot of our maths work is practical.  To help you with this we will have a pack of maths equipment for you to collect from the school office on Monday afternoon.  This will include the items you will need over the term to support maths learning.  Please keep it safe and in good condition as we will need the equipment to be returned to school after lockdown.
This week our learning uses our number bonds.  These are pairs of numbers that add up to 10.  Your child needs to know these ways so please practice over and over again.  There is a song to help you here:




Today's lesson does not need a worksheet.  There is a game to play that you can make at home.  All you need is paper, a pencil and a dice. Instructions are in the video!



The learning for Wednesday and Thursday is a two part lesson.  Only complete the activities from part one today.