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Human Senses



braille, function, limb, sense, sign language, siren. 


In the Human Senses project, children will learn that humans are animals called mammals that breathe, eat, sleep, get rid of waste, grow, move and use their senses to survive.

They will identify, label and count a range of body parts. and will learn that humans are the same in that they have the same body parts but also that they are different due to factors such as age, skin colour, body shape, eye colour and hair texture. They will also learn that some humans have missing body parts or parts that don’t work well.

Children will also learn that each human body part has a function that helps us survive, focusing on the parts associated with the five senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. They will conduct simple tests to investigate how their five senses help them make sense of and understand their surroundings. They will discuss the importance of each sense and learn how senses keep people safe from dangers.

They will discover how people with sensory loss use tools, technology, and other senses to complete everyday tasks. We will look at how people with a hearing loss communicate and how people with sight loss complete everyday tasks. 

Knowledge Organiser