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The Environment in our Changing World


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This Environment Unit introduces children to the ecological challenges that face the modern world. The children will undertake a range of activities that challenge them to engage with environmental issues and to understand the simple changes we can make to live more sustainable lives. Throughout the term, we will take lots of opportunities to take our learning outdoors and observe the natural changes that occur in our allotment area.

Our 'Big Question for this term...

Concept Cartoon

This is our concept cartoon for this term's science topic! We use concept cartoons as a visual representation of science ideas. The simple cartoon style drawings put forward a range of viewpoints about science ideas in situations that are designed to motivate and engage students and stimulate discussion of their ideas.

Our ideas...

Asda Steve came in to give us a talk about Plastic Pollution

This week we took a walk around school carry out some research as to how many electric devices were switched on when they didn’t need to be! We discussed the importance of why we all must try to save energy then designed a poster to encourage others to promote energy saving!