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Gospels Class (Year 1)

Welcome to Gospels Class!  We are really excited to be in year 1 and our number one rule is to be kind.  On this page you will be able to find information that will help us to learn more at home, as well as keeping everyone updated with what we are doing in school!  You can also find out more by following us on twitter @StGospels . 

Class Newsletter Term 1

Term 1 Topic Work

Term 1 Topic Work  1
We have been learning all about ourselves. We have thought about how we have changed by looking at our baby photographs and comparing them to what we look like now!  We also thought about how our needs have changed too!  Lots of us brought photographs to share of our special memories and we were able to talk about these confidently.  We also enjoyed bringing our toys to school and comparing them to some toys from the past, looking at how they are similar and different!


Creativity 1
Creativity 2
Creativity 3
Creativity 4
Our whole school value this term is Creativity.  We have been learning about Creativity in the Bible by listening to the Creation story.  We have also talked about how we can be creative as well as how we can look after the creations that God made.


Science 1
In our Science work this term we are learning about our bodies.  We have been naming and labeling parts of the body and also thinking about how the parts of our bodies are used.   We have found out that we have five senses and have been on a listening walk to use our sense of hearing.



Our maths this term is all about place value.  This involves counting forwards and backwards, comparing and ordering numbers, and reading and writing numerals.


There are lots of games online that you can play to practice your number skills.  The websites listed below have some super learning games for children in year 1.




Go Green for Dyslexia!

Go Green for Dyslexia! 1 Our craziest photo competition entry!
On the 1st October we took part in 'Go green for Dyslexia'.  We all wore something green to school and even ate lollies that turned our tongues green!  We found out that people with Dyslexia learn differently and might need some extra support.  Mrs Curtis challenged us to create the craziest photograph!  We hope we win her competition!