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Independent Learning Tasks/Topic

We are looking at People who help us. This week we are looking at people who deliver our post and collect our rubbish.


Watch watch happens to your letter Do you know - Posting a letter     


Find out what happens to your rubbish after it is collected - Do you know - How a bin lorry works   


Save items from your recycling bin and sort them. Can you make a pile for paper/card and plastic items.

Look around your house. Do you see any letters? Can you write the letters and say the sound they make.

Now look around your house for numbers? Where are they hidden? Can you say the number and write it down?



Can you help make your lunch? Maybe you could butter the bread if you have a sandwich or toast. Can you help to chop up the vegetables? Can you lay the table? How many plates do you need? How many knives and forks?