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This term the children will build on learning from Year 1 about different materials and their properties. The children will consolidate their understanding that one type of object can be made from different materials and also that one material can be used for a number of different objects. They will continue to develop their understanding of the simple physical properties of materials and consider in more detail how these properties make materials useful for particular purposes.

During the term the children will test a range of different materials for different purposes. When working scientifically the children will be classifying materials, carrying out comparative tests for different properties and using the results of their tests to suggest suitable (good) choices for a particular purpose.

Our learning...

Making and testing our egg boxes to see if we had chosen the most suitable materials for the job ...


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Children will explore what different items we use daily are made from. For example:

  • Knives and forks can be made from metal.
  • Chairs can be made from wood.
  • Shoes can be made from leather

Each material can be used to make a range of different things; for example, wood can be used to make tables, chairs, spoons, pencils, shoes, doors, floors and many more things.
An object can be made out of different materials used together; for example, a chair can be made from metal and wood and plastic.

Children will explore the properties of materials.

 Is the material hard or soft, dull or shiny, smooth or rough, waterproof or non-waterproof?
Some materials maybe more suitable than others for particular uses or for manufacturing specific objects; for example, metal shoes wouldn’t be very comfortable and a cardboard door wouldn’t be very strong!

We will be working on our vocabulary and discussion techniques throughout the term but talking about these questions and investigating them...

3C Materials song

Materials activities for at-home learning:

  • Visit the library and find books about materials
  • Discuss what different items around the home are made from and why that might be
  • See how many objects you can find in a minute that are made from a particular material (for example metal or wood)
  • Look into recycling and why we recycle materials 
  • Find out about the materials of the future (intelligent materials, armoured fabrics and metal foams, for example)

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