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All of the resources that you need for reading can be found below. All of the questions are on the PDF and if there is no second document containing the text then there is a link on the first sheet of the presentation to the website. 



To be able to make predictions using inference.



Our Class Book for this term is Cat Tales: Ice Cat by Linda Newberry. 


Today's activity is all about inference and prediction. Can you write a prediction of what you think the book is going to be about? To do this you need to make inferences by using the information that you can find on the front cover of the book.



To be able to predict how a character is feeling.


Today we will be looking at the first page of our class book and predicting how a character might be feeling. The text can be found in the attachment below.


Your question is: 

How do you predict Tom was feeling when he saw the snowfall? 


Here is an example answer. 


I predict that Tom was very excited when he saw the snowfall because it was the best he had ever seen and I think he will be excited to go and play in the snow.