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This term we will be finding out all about our senses! At home can you find out what your senses are and how you use them? At school we will be exploring each sense and using them in different ways to investigate the world around us!  Can you tell which flavour crisp you've eaten using your sense of taste?   Can you use your sense of touch to decide what's hiding in the feely bag? Can you play I-spy and spot different things? Check back to see what investigations we've been doing and what we have learnt!


Learning about our bodies


We played Simon says and matched our different body parts with a partner!  We learnt the names of different parts of our bodies that we hadn't heard before including ankles, shins, elbows and wrist.  After that we created our own life sized drawings of our bodies.  Finally we compared our body parts to see if they were the same or different!

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