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We are learning to use the prefix un to spell words.  Use the powerpoint below to explore this more!

Now you know all about the prefix un, see if you can match the pictures so that you match the root word and then the word with the prefix un. Can you use each of the words you use in a sentence?


Yesterday we learnt about the prefix un.  Can you remember what happened to the words when we added the prefix un?  


Make a list of words that you know use the prefix -un (you could look back at yesterday's work if you get stuck!



Today I would like you to choose one of the words from the list and put it into a sentence.  Write the sentence into your book.  Make sure you use a capital letter, full stop and you could challenge yourself to use the conjunction 'and' in your sentences.


Here's one of mine:


Ben was unwell and his Mum gave him some medicine.


Today we are going to start our performance poetry work.


We will be basing this unit of work on the well-known poem "We're going on a bear hunt!" by Michael Rosen.  


Today's task will be to watch the video of the story.  Then watch again and see if you can join in with the words and the actions!



Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Challenge:  Can you draw a story map to show what happens in the poem?  Can you sequence the poem in the correct order? Have a look at mine here:



Watch the video of Michael Rosen again.  Think about how he makes his performance so exciting!  

Use the powerpoint here to explore this some more!


Now try performing the poem again.  Have you changed the way you perform it?


Today we will be going to the outside stage to perform and video our poem.  Before we go we will be thinking of how we could add some instruments to our performance.  What could we use to make the different sounds in the poem?  You could try this at don't have to use real instruments......anything around your home can make a sound!


Please send us your video of your performing your poem!