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Creation and Science:

Conflicting or Complementary?


This term we will be diving deeper into understanding whether religion and science are conflicting or complementary.


Last term, our journey saw us analyse the similarities and differences between the Christian Creation Story and the scientific accounts of the Big Bang Theory and Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution. We then looked at whether it was possible to believe in both by seeing what people from both a scientific and religious background believed.


We will continue our exploration of this question by taking a close look at Psalm 8, understanding what this says about the idea of God as creator and the place of humans in Creation. We will then begin to consider the connections between Psalm 8 and some ways that Christians respond to God as Creator. 


By the end of the term, children should be able use their learning over these two terms to provide an insightful response to the question: "Creation and science: conflicting or complementary?"



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