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Understanding Christianity - Salvation

Why does Easter matter to Christians?

Easter is a festival that occurs in spring to remember a very important part of the Bible. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Christians believe that Jesus is God come to Earth. The life of Jesus and many things he said and did are found in the Gospels in the Bible. The Easter story is one of sadness, followed by great happiness.

Throughout the term we will be looking at greater depth at the Easter story and the events in the Christian calendar of Holy Week.

The children will be able to:

  • Recognise that Incarnation and Salvation are part of a ‘big story’ of the Bible.
  • Tell stories of Holy Week and Easter from the Bible and recognise a link with the idea of Salvation (Jesus rescuing people).
  • Recognise that Jesus gives instructions about how to behave.
  • Give at least three examples of how Christians show their beliefs about Jesus’ death and resurrection in church worship at Easter.
  • Think, talk and ask questions about whether the story of Easter has anything to say to them about sadness, hope or heaven, exploring different ideas.

This afternoon we have been learning that Christian’s believe that Jesus gives instructions about how to behave. We explored the story from the bible ‘Jesus cleans his Disciple’s feet’ through a sensory approach. We talked about what example Jesus was setting by doing this and would we be willing to do the same?

Making Connections- This week we recapped the evens of Holy Week and discussed what we found happy and sad about the story of Easter. We looked at a colour chart, discussed which colours the children thought were happy and which they thought were sad. Each child then made a cross in ‘happy colours’ and a cross in ‘sad colours’. We chose which events in Holy Week would go in which of the crosses!

Introducing Holy Week! We had to find numbered envelopes and inside were different images of the events during Holy Week! The children discussed what they thought was happening in the pictures. We then introduced some simple sentences a x asked the groups to match the event with the correct picture. We listened to the story of Easter and thought about which part of Holy Week represented new life!

Introducing the Big Freeze’ exploring with the children what they thought they could see in the picture abd what they thought the image may be portraying.

A visit from Tammy from restore church talking today us about the meaning of Easter.

Tammy challenged us to make an Easter Garden

Exploring the meaning behind hot cross buns and having a little taste!