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Animals Including Humans 



carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, nutrition, eat-well plate, reproduce, exercise, hygiene, offspring



Growing Up

The children will consider the basic needs of humans for survival (food, water, air), the need for warmth and shelter, and additional needs for health and wellbeing. Children will identify simple differences between living and non-living things, and they will be introduced to the sequence of the human life cycle, first through considering how they have changed since birth. They then will research further changes that happen as a human baby grows and develops into and through adulthood.  When comparing different stages of human life children will consider growth, changes in physical appearance, movement, feeding and diet, self-care, the move from dependency to independence and parenthood. 


Taking Care of Ourselves

The children will also begin to learn about different ways to keep themselves healthy. During the term they will consider the importance of eating a range of different types of food. They will also start to learn about the importance of exercise and hygiene. 

Children will work scientifically by identifying and classifying food, using tables, and Venn and Caroll diagrams. They will also make observations and collect data while carrying out exercises, and use their observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions.

This afternoon Asda Steve paid us a visit so that we could explore, then answer the question ‘Which exotic fruit is our favourite?’ We discussed how we should record our results and thought actually, a tally chart would be the best way!

We learnt this afternoon, that humans are animals! We also learnt that animals including humans have offspring!

Our GREAT hand span investigation! Today we asked the question ‘Are children with larger hands pick able to pick up more cubes?’

Learning that animals including humans need three basic things ...

BASIC NEEDS OF ANIMALS | Animal Needs | 3 Basic Needs of Animals to Survive |

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Understanding the importance of exercise to keep our bodies healthy...

Our follow up learning about the importance of exercise!

Investigating what happens to our bodies while we exercise ...

Learning about the importance of good hygiene!