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Mrs Toyne

There is Pleasure in Studying Nature!

Hanging out with nature is fun! Using our senses helps us to understand in a deeper way the things that grow and form in our world. For instance, have you noticed how a tree grows or what happens to flowers at night? Nature is fascinating to study and it is only when we look, feel, smell, listen and sometimes taste that we can get a clearer picture of what we are looking at. 


Why not engage in your own nature study today, by choosing a subject and scrutinize it using your senses? (Remember not to eat things you find unless an adult says it is ok!)

So what are you going to study today? 


Below are some resources to help you identify things you might like to study and they give you an idea of how to study them.  Have some amazing fun finding out about your nature subject and share your studies with us on Twitter, Facebook or on your class pages!  Can't wait to see them!!!

See the links below for worksheets to go alongside Mrs Toyne's fantastic videos on the video resource centre.
Tree identification 
All About Daisies.