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Magic Maths




 This term in Maths, we will be continuing to develop our love and understanding of Maths in these following areas:

Number knowledge:

We will be learning to...

  • recognise and compose numbers up to 10 (including zero)
  • counting forwards and backwards within 10
  • begin to understand the concept of adding two amounts together
  • compare numbers within 10 using vocabulary 'greater', 'fewer' and 'equals'
  • build number bonds of 10



We will be learning to...

  • identify 3D shapes
  • match and identify 3D shapes within the environment
  • print with 3D shapes
  • create and continue repeating patterns

Composition of numbers within 10

Creating patterns

Number bonds of 10

Counting backwards

Number 9 and 10

Ordering numbers to 10

One more and one less