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Why is Christmas important to Christians?


Incarnation      Christianity       day of judgement      sin      'to take on flesh'      trinity


What is incarnation?

The incarnation is the Christian belief that God took human form by becoming Jesus. Incarnation literally means 'to take on flesh'. For Christians, the incarnation shows that Jesus was fully God and fully human. It is an essential part of belief in the Trinity , and in many ways it forms the basis of Christianity.

We will discus that Christians celebrate Jesus’ birth and that Advent for Christians is a time for getting ready for Jesus’ coming.  Christians believe that Jesus is God. The Bible points out that his birth showed that he was extraordinary. Christians use the story of the nativity to guide their beliefs and actions at Christmas and we will finally explain what they personally have to be thankful for at Christmas time.


What does Christmas mean to you?

We explore an image of the Nativity scene and discussed the significance of this event for Christian’s!