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Phonics and Writing



Phonics is a method of teaching reading and writing by developing your child's ability to hear sounds/phonemes that letters/graphemes make.


Noah's Ark follow the Letters and Sounds programme during Phonics lessons, alongside rhymes and actions. Children will be starting to learn Phase 2 sounds from the 14 September and will bring home resources to practice at home that have been introduced at school. The knowledge of sounds vastly improves reading and writing skills and we ask that children take a few minutes every day to practice these sounds at home ensuring that children advance and enjoy reading and writing.   





  • How to pronounce pure sounds. Guide to ensure that when practising phonics at home that children are pronouncing the sounds/phonemes correctly.
  • Jolly Phonics rhymes. Listen to the rhymes and follow the actions to help children remember the corresponding sounds/phonemes.
  • Tricky word song Phase 2Tricky words are words that can't be sounded out in the usual way. Listen and watch the song to help children recognise and then be able to write the words. It's a very catchy song!!



 This term we will focus on introducing the first groups of sounds. These sounds are:


Week 1 sounds - s a t p

Week 2 sounds - i n m d

Week 3 sounds - g o c k

Week 4 sounds - ck e u r

Week 5 sounds - h b f ff l ll ss


Please support your child at home by practising these sounds and helping your child to recognise them. Use the video links above to help you or speak to your child's teacher.