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To be able to explain The Trinity.


Your first task for today's RE lesson is to finish your artistic representations of The Trinity from last week if you didn't manage to finish them. Head back to last week's lesson if you need a refresher of what to do.


Today's lesson


This week we are going to be using your artistic representations from last week to explain The Trinity. The first thing you will need tp do is take a good long look at your work from last week. (If you can't find your work from last week have a look at the pictures below) Whilst you're looking at them I want you to think about why you did what you did. 


Now you need to answer this question based on your knowledge of The Trinity and your artistic representation from last week. 


How does your creation represent The Trinity?


Again, if you can't find your work from last week have a look at the pictures below and explain how you think they represent The Trinity.


An example answer can be found below the pictures but obviously I don't want you to just copy my answer because I know you can do way better than me! 

The Trinity sculptures

My Example Answer


I think this sculpture represents The Trinity for a number of reasons. On reason is that there is three parts to this sculpture and I think each part represents a different aspect of The Trinity which are The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Another reason that I think it represents The Trinity is because the three spikes all come from the same place and this shows how people who follow Christianity believe that God is The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.