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This week we are starting a new unit of writing - Writing to Inform. 


Over the first few weeks we are going to be focusing on Explanation texts and then we will move onto writing letters. 


This week -

Monday - Topic Wow Day 

Tuesday - How to use paragraphs 

Wednesday - Comparing Non-Chronological reports 

Thursday and Friday - What are the features of a Non-Chronological report?



To be able to understand what paragraphs are. 


What are paragraphs? How do we use paragraphs? When do I need to start a new paragraph? 


There are so many questions around paragraphs but, once we understand them they become easy to use and they take your writing to the next level!


Have a look at the video below and then there is a PDF with some more learning and your tasks for today.

When to Start a New Paragraph - TiPToP

A writing lesson using the TiPToP acronym for remembering when you need to begin a new paragraph.

More learning and your tasks



To be able to compare Non-Chronological Reports.


Today we are going to start looking at information texts. The type of information text that we are going to be using are Non-Chronological reports. 


Your task today is to look at the examples below and compare them. You can do this by creating a T-chart with similarities and differences, like the one below.


Similarities between the examples Differences between the examples 









You need to think about everything you can see in the examples. The text features, pictures, why they were written and all of the other things you notice. The example texts are below.



To be able to know the features of a Non-Chronological Report.


As we learnt yesterday, Non-Chronological Reports have some similarities and differences, but there are some things that every Non-Chronological report needs to have. 


In today's lesson we are going to be learning about the features of Non-Chronological Reports and these are the features that we will need to make sure we are using when we come to plan and write our own in the coming weeks. 


Have a look at the PDF below to learn all about the features. 

Features of a Non-Chronological Report

Your task 


Can you design a poster to show and explain the features of a Non-Chronological Report?



To be able to identify the features of a Non-Chronological Report.


Today we are going to be identifying and labelling the features that we learnt about yesterday. We will be using the poster that yu created yesterday and an example Non-Chronological Report that you used earlier in the week. 


Your task 


Read the Non-Chronological Report again and then label the features. You could do this by printing off the document but you do not need to print it off because you could write the feature and then write the example from the text next to it in your book.



Were there any missing features from this Non-Chronological Report? If so, how could you use them to improve it?