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Vocabulary: negotiate, compromise, relationships, respect, assertive, aggressive, passive, bias, defender, reinforcer, controller, passive and active bystander. 



In the first term, during our RSHE lessons, we will be looking a a variety of relationships and think about how to deal with emotions in a mature and respectful manner. We will also consider how and when it would be appropriate to be a bystander. We also discuss the importance of forced marriages and appropriate touch. 


Internet safety will be delivered once every term and Year 6 will revisit the key message and the importance of talking to a trusted adult, if we see some that makes us feel uncomfortable. We will then develop our learning and talk about social media, with an understanding that we often only see one side of the story.



ONLINE SAFETY SONG (Be Safe Online) Lyric Video

After half term, our topic will be valuing differences. So far in Key Stage 2,we have recognise the benefits that come with belonging to a community and how some people use stereotypes. We will use this knowledge to look at body language, tone of voice and misinterpretations online. We will identify the difference between a friend and an acceptance.   

We ALL have the right to feel safe ALL of the time!