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We follow the White Rose Maths scheme and this term we will be learning all about 1, 2 and 3. This will include 'representing 1 2 3, comparing 1 2 3, and the composition of 1 2 3'. Whilst working with low numbers this sets the foundations as we add further numbers through the year.

Representing numbers: we will be subitising or counting collections of 1, 2, and 3 objects. We will be matching number names we say to numerals and quantities.

Comparing 1 2 3: we will be working on understanding that as we count each number is one more than the one before. Also as we count back each number is one less.

Composition of 1 2 3: we will be introducing the idea that all numbers are made up of smaller numbers, and exploring the combinations. 


White Rose Maths - It's Me 1 2 3


one, two, three, one more, one less, numeral, subitise, the same as, less than, more than, predicting, circle, sides, vertice, semi-circle, triangle.


A brilliant, but simple, question to ask children is ‘what do you see?’ Show children an image and listen to all the different, varied ideas. We looked at Kandinsky images and shared our ideas of what we saw. We later used the circles and triangles we had painted to stamp our own pictures .

This week we have been looking at the shapes ‘circles’ and ‘triangles’ inspired by Kandinsky images. We have been discussing how many sides, if they are straight or curved. We made our own shapes using various materials and went outside on a shape hunt. We drew what we saw.

We used the blocks and counted how tall the teddy bears were.

We worked with a partner to play a subiitising game. We held up fingers and our partner said the amount. We took turns and showed different amounts.