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We  have our daily maths sessions every morning.  As we are in Year 1 we are looking at larger numbers up to 100 when counting, and calculating with numbers to 20.  


  Our key areas of learning will be:

· Counting to 100 and then practicing counting backwards.

· Reading and writing numbers to 100.

· Counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10.

· Place value—understanding how many 10s and 1s are in a number.

· Measuring length, weight and capacity.

· Comparing measurements and ordering them in different ways.

· Knowing the pairs of numbers that make 10.


Place Value to 50

This unit of work looks at counting in 1s forwards and backwards, using the words one more and one less, describing, comparing and ordering numbers to 50 and beyond.


The biggest new piece of learning is learning about how many tens and ones are in a number.  A good video to watch is here:


When you are out and about keep looking for 2 digit numbers and see if you can say how many tens and ones are in the number.




Measurement - Height and Length


We have been learning lots of new important vocabulary in this unit.  To help us to remember we have been putting some actions to the new words too!  Tall/taller/tallest, short/shorter/shortest and long/longer/longest are the ones we are trying to use the most to describe the length or height of something or someone.


One of our challenges was to line up in height order in our groups.  We needed to find the shortest person first, then make sure we looked for the next taller person until we found the tallest!


The next part of this unit will involve measuring using standard and non-standard units!
Keep practising your  learning at home by clicking on one of the links below!