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Late/Absence Procedures




Our target is to reach 96% or above. We are still quite a way from this. Every day matters and when a child is absent, key aspects of learning are missed.


Top tips for good attendance:

  • Establish a good morning routine
  • Book all appointments e.g dentist, optician, in school holidays
  • Attend parents evenings to discuss your child’s progress
  • Don’t keep your child off school with minor ailments
  • Book your holiday in school holidays
  • Be honest about your situation and talk to us!


The classroom doors open at 8:30am, when the children are welcomed into the classroom to complete a morning activity.  These tasks are a great way to get the children's ideas flowing for their daily learning.  The doors from the playground will close at 8:40am, if your child arrives at school after this time please report to the school office to sign your child in the late book. Our office staff will ask you why your child is late for school and report this information to the Headteacher. 


If your child is ill please let the office know at your earliest convenience, the school office is open between 8.00am and 4.00pm and there is always a helpful member of the team available to answer your queries.  If you are unsure as to whether or not your child should be off school (for example due to vomiting), do not hesitate to contact the office for advice.


Where possible, please avoid booking medical appointments during the school day.  However if this is unavoidable, please contact the school office to inform them that your child will be out of school or late. A copy of your letter will be requested and the office staff will record this information on our attendance system.


Did you know ............minutes matter: if your child is 5 minutes late for school each day, they will miss 3 days of schooling a year.


Let's all work together to improve attendance and punctuality at Boston St Nicholas CE Primary School! 

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