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We will be continuing with our project on the Maafa, finding out about Britain's involvement. 

Children are taught how the profits of the slave trade affected life in Britain. They learn how money made from enslavement gave Britain wealth and power. They learn about the causes and consequences of the abolition of slavery. They revisit chronology, ordering a timeline of key events leading to the abolition of slavery and discover how religious groups, revolts, the work of abolitionists and economic considerations all affected the campaign. Children learn about life after abolition from different viewpoints.


They understand the concept of colonisation and look at the narrative and long and short term causes and consequences of colonisation in the 19th and 20th centuries. Children learn about the lives of black people in Britain in the 20th century, understanding why black people came to live and work in Britain, the contributions they made to society and the difficulties they faced. They learn about the Race Relations Act 1965, why it was passed, and its impact on Britain. The children learn about the significance of inspirational black Britons over the last 500 years and write an account of their learning.