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Vocabulary: tawhid, Ummah, Umrah, Masjid, Brahman, Trimurti, Karma, dharma, Holi, Rakhi




This term we will focus on Hinduism and community. We will begin by finding out how Hindus worship at home at a shrine that often includes a Murti and that different families will have devotion to particular deities (representing different expressions of Brahman). Following this we will explore Hindu worship at the Mandir including knowing why Puja is important and the significance of the objects on the Puja tray.



After this the children will learn about the Hindu Festival of Diwali including the story of Rama and Sita in the Ramayana and how Hindus celebrate. Next we explore Holi – a spring festival associated with harvest and a special time in the Hindu calendar.


Finally we will explore Raksha Bandhan (sometimes called Rakhi) – the festival of brothers and sisters; originally intended to celebrate the duty (dharma) brothers had to protect their sisters, now a more general celebration of the relationship between brothers and sisters and the dharma (duty) one has to one’s family.