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Phonics - lesson for the new sound 'ur'




If you have a dice look at all the sides. How many faces does it have? Can you recognise how many dots without counting? Do you know the shape of the faces? What is the 3D name for a dice? If you don't have a dice look at the images below.

If you have a dice roll it and name the amounts, if you don't close your eyes and point at the pictures above, can you name the amounts? Keep practicing so that you don't have to count the dots, you recognise. Can you write the numbers that match the amounts?




A Very Hungry Caterpillar Yoga


Sports Challenges


Topic - Is a plant all green?


Watch the video to find out -How does a seed become a plant?


Independent Learning


Choose your own learning. You could practice your phonics and writing, draw a picture, build with Lego or play a game.




Choose a story to listen to from the Video Resource Centre