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Misty Mountains and Winding Rivers 

Our Cornerstones topic for this term is Misty Mountains and Winding Rivers which we kickstarted at the end of last term with our trip to Snipedales. During the topic we are going to be learning about rivers of the world, their uses, how to use an atlas and about mountains.


Mountains Vocabulary

Contour lines, altitudinal zones, fold mountains, volcanic mountains, fault-block mountains, dome mountains, plateau mountains.


Rivers Vocabulary

Delta, floodplain, interlocking spurs, meander, oxbow lake, V-shaped valley, waterfall.




Today we practiced our typing skills to type facts about rivers using the vocabulary that we learnt last week. We also learnt how to save a file and how to correctly and safely log off and shut down a laptop.



We started our new topic with a trip to Snipedales to explore the river. We learnt lots about the different parts of a river and what happens on a rivers journey. We also went in to the river to see what animals we could find in there.