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Keeping ourselves safe


Rest, worried, anxious, private, belonging, false, medicine, dosage, lose. 

This term in RSHE we will be learning about how to keep ourselves safe and the feelings we will feel when we are safe/unsafe. Below are some of the topics we will be looking at. 


We will look at how sleep is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Having a good nights sleep helps our bodies rest and grow. We are more ready to learn when we have a good nights sleep. 

Feeling unsafe 

When we feel unsafe, we can feel a range of emotions and physical feelings. Sometimes we can feel nervous, worried, anxious or scared about a situation. For example, when going somewhere new or doing something in front of people (like when we did our Nativity performance). When we feel nervous or scared our body tells us it’s having those feelings because things happen to our body which don’t usually happen. For example, getting that feeling of having butterflies in our tummy, feeling hot, feeling sweaty, feeling sick, our hands might feel clammy and shake, we may go red in the face and we may need the toilet. 



We will learn the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch. 



We will learn that a medicine is given to someone to help make them feel better and that you can take medicines by a tablet or liquid that is swallowed or a cream that is rubbed onto skin. We will learn that if we don’t take a medicine properly (or medicine that is not ours) then it can harm us. We must make sure that we only take medicines from a trusted adult and to never give it ourselves. 


Experiencing loss

When we lose something it is normal to feel a range of emotions. Sometimes we lose things (which makes us feel sad) and then we can find them again (which can make us feel happy and relieved). Sometimes we can lose things and never find them again. 



Internet safety  


Last term we looked at how to stay safe online and that not everything we see on the internet is true. This term we will focus on the benefits and risks of the internet. 


Some people make up stories

Some people change photos 

Some people pretend to be something/someone they’re not

Find out information 

Keep in touch with people 

Play games


Watching videos