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What do Christians learn from the creation story?


Bible Story Series: Genesis The Creation of World

This term we will be exploring the Christian and Jewish creation story from the bible in Genesis.  We will reflect on the creation story an dwhat Christian's believe it tells us about how the world was made.  As part of this we will take some time to be outisde appreciating the beautiful natural world in which we live.  

An integral part of this unit is time for reflection.  We will listen to the song below whilst thinking about what Chrisitan's believe about how God would like humans to beahve and treat the Earth.  The children will we encouraged to respond with thie rown ideas through art or writing.

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (Official Video)

We will look at some of the words in Genesis and think about how God expects Chrisitan's to look after the world and each other.  Through this we will think about some of the rules that we could make to help do this.

Finally, we will return to our question: What do we think Christian’s learn from this story? We will discuss areas that people could learn from the creation story (humans, God, animals, nature, God designed the world, the world is very good, God created the world from nothing, humans are responsible for the Earth, the world is amazing. In groups we aim to find out what pupils think can be learnt about each area from the creation story.  They will also be asked to decide which are the most important two for Christians and why.  To conclude the final lesson we will have pupils decide on one thing that everyone in the class can do to make the world very good whether or not they believe in God.