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Today, practise writing 'x' and 'z'. Remember, write your letters on the line (no chilly bottoms). 




Today, you are going to label the picture below. Write down what you can see in the picture. For example, I can see 3 dragons. Then, think of an adjective to describe what you can see. Remember an adjective is a describing word that describes a noun (a person, place or thing). For example, the large dragon, the hot fire and blue costume. 





Using your ideas from yesterday's learning, write some sentences about the picture. Remember, capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. For example, 'The big, scary dragons breathed hot fire onto the brightly dressed people.' Also, you could challenge yourself and use the word 'and' in your sentence.




Today, pick a picture from below. You will be writing sentences about the picture and trying to include adjectives as using adjectives makes our writing more interesting. If it helps, label the picture first with the adjectives and then write your sentences.




Today, you are going to be asking questions and having a go at writing them down. There are certain words that we use when we ask a question. Look at the picture below. 

When we write a question we use a piece of punctuation called a question mark. This is what a question mark looks like '?'. 

Looking at the picture below, I would like you to write down all the questions you could ask about the picture. For example, 'Where is the beach?' or 'How tall are the buildings next to the beach?'. See if you can use each question word from the above picture.