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Poem of the Week 

Get your poetry book out and join in with Mrs Smith reading the poem of the week!


Today we are going to enjoy one of our 'reading spine' stories.  You can enjoy listening to the story here:

Dogger by Shirley Hughes

Questions to talk about:

  • How do you think Dave felt at each point of the story?
  • Which characters in the story were kind?  Can you explain why?
  • Have you ever lost something?  How did it make you feel?
  • What was your favourite part of the story?  Why?


This week we will be finding out all about Chinese New Year in our reading sessions. We are looking for facts so we can learn about it.  Read the story below which is a recount of one families Chinese New Year.

Try to answer my questions:


It is almost time for the Chinese New Year (12th February 2021).  Each year is named after an animal!  This year has been the year of the rat!  Read the information together to find out more about Chinese New Year and also about rats!
Challenge:  Can you write down 3 facts you learnt about rats?


Did you know that the Chinese New Year celebrations end with a lantern festival?  Read today's non-fiction text below to find out more!  There is also a challenge for you to have a go at once you have read the book!


Follow the link below to head over to the Let's Celebrate Cbeebies page.  Spend some time today exploring the Chinese new Year page.  You can watch some videos showing children celebrating, take part in a quiz or learn how to make a dragon!