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A Swahili word meaning "great catastrophe", Maafa is the name given to describe the African Holocaust and the history and effects of the transatlantic slave trade.


This project teaches children about Africa past and present and the development of the slave trade. It also explores Britain’s role in the transatlantic slave trade, the causes and consequences of the European colonisation of Africa and the worldwide communities that make up the African diaspora. 




Maafa      slavery       colonisation      plantation       enslavement      emancipation    abolitionist  



Africa Today 


We will begin by looking at the geography of Africa in the present day. This will give children an understanding of some of the physical geographical features that became desirable to countries such as Portugal, Spain and Britain, beginning their involvement in Africa.



The Triangular Slave Trade

Resistance, Revolts and Refusals

Black People in 20th Century Britain