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This week we are continuing looking at Non-Chronological reports and we will be moving onto researching and planning our reports.


Monday - Subordinate Clause 

Tuesday - Researching 

Wednesday - Planning the introduction 

Thursday - Planning the main body

Friday - Planning the main body and conclusion

Monday - Subordinate Clause 


Today we are going to be looking at subordinate conjunctions. Follow the link below for the videos, learning and activities for today's lesson.

Tuesday - Researching 


To be able to research a given topic.


Today we are going to be doing the research for our Non-Chronological reports. Our Non-Chronological reports are going to link in with our Wow Day and topic. They are going to be about Longboats. 


Below you will find some very interesting information all about Longboats. Your job is to read through the information and pick out the best parts. Have a look at the document below as these are the subheadings that we will be using for our writing so it is important that the facts you choose fit into one of the subheadings. 

10 Viking Longships Facts - Viking Facts for Kids

Research sheet


The research sheet can be found below with the different sections that you need to fill in with facts. You do not need to print this, you can write the subheadings onto your paper and then your facts.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 


Over the next three days we are going to be using the facts that we have found to plan our reports. The planning format can be found below and it will be used over the next three lessons. Remember, you don't need to print it off, you can write it into your books.

For each day's lesson there will be an input and what sections we are looking at on that day.



This lesson we are going to be focusing on two parts of our report, the introduction and the first subheading. 




Using the information that you added to the introduction part, you need to make sure it makes sense. This includes putting it into your own words and making sure the facts link together. 

Don't forget... this is the first part of your report so you need to make it really interesting and make the reader want to continue reading. Maybe you could finish the introduction with a rhetorical question.


Subheading 1 - Origins of Longboats 


This paragraph is all about where Longboats came from and how they were invented. Using your information that you found on Tuesday about the origins of longboats you need to plan your paragraph. Make sure that it is really interesting and makes sense. You will probably need to change the wording of the facts to make them fit together and sound better when you read it.



Today we are continuing to plan our reports. This lesson we will be looking at subheadings two and three and, just like yesterday, we need to make sure that the facts we have chosen make sense and fit together. Have a look at each of your paragraphs in turn and make sure that you have wrote your facts in your own words that make sense. You also need to make sure that the facts are in the best order, make sense and will be interesting for the reader. 



We will be continuing to plan our reports. If you have been unable to plan a part of your report so far you can use the start of this lesson to do that now. 


Then we are moving onto planning the conclusion of our report. 


What is a conclusion?

A conclusion is the last paragraph of the report. 

It is a summary of all of the information from the report. 

You need to use the best facts to remind the reader of them. 


When you are planning your conclusion make sure you follow the points above, but don't just repeat yourself as that will not be interesting for the reader.