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This week we are gathering information, planning, writing and improving a non-chronological report all about significant people! In class, we are going to focus Rosa Parks as that is who we know the most information about but feel free to learn and write about ANYONE who interests you, who is a significant person of the past.

Monday - look at power point and find features of the non-chronological report of Neil Armstrong. Decide who you would like to research and find out lots of information. Record ideas on the sheet if you wish..

Tuesday - start to plan out your report. Use the planning template to help if you would like to.

Wednesday - Begin to write your report. There are lots of different ways to present your non-chronological report. Why don't you try writing it on the computer? Or use one of the templates below and be inspired!

Thursday - Continue to write your non-chronological report.


Friday SPAG activity . Read through the power point and complete one of the activities.