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Our Church School Value

The collective worship theme for Autumn 2 is PEACE!

We will explore with the children what the word peace

means in it's different contexts and will help the children

reflect on what peace could mean to them. 

As a starting point to our value we will focus on Remembrance Day and how the poppy has become a sign of peace to many people.  We will also think about the word peace in our lead up to Christmas and explore within the Christian Bible why Christmas is a time for Peace.


The collective worship theme for Autumn 1 is FAMILY.




Throughout this first term we will be exploring what the word family means to us and how there are lots of different types of families that you can belong to; each one special, each one unique but they all have one thing in common ... LOVE. 





We will also be looking at the bible story 'Jesus visiting the temple a boy' which you can watch and discuss together at home using the following link.