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Multiplication and Division

Vocabulary: Multiplication, division, inverse, share, group, partitioning, place value.


Building on their knowledge of the times tables and related division facts learnt last term, the children will learn to multiply and divide 2 and 3 digit numbers by 1 digit number. They will use Base 10 equipment to build representations and begin to notice patterns using the place value charts.  We will also learn about factor pairs and learn to multiply and divide numbers by 10 and 100.

Length and Perimeter

Vocabulary: Measure, length, perimeter, sides, edges, multiply, add, centimetres, metres, millimetres.


Learning how to measure and calculate in mm, cm and km will be the focus of this unit.  Once we have worked on using these we will move onto calculating perimeters, finding the perimeter of rectangles and also rectilinear shapes.  Our addition and subtraction skills from the previous unit will support us in our work. 


Children begin this block by understanding the whole. They will use diagrams to identify how many equal parts a shape has been split into and move on to thinking about how many more parts are needed to make the whole. They use the denominator to identify how many equal parts a whole has been divided into. For example, for the fraction 37, the whole has been split into 7 equal parts because the denominator is 7. Children explain whether a fraction is a small (for example, 1 /10) or large (for example, 9/10) part of the whole.

Next, children count along a number line in unit fractions, using their knowledge that a fraction with the same numerator and denominator can be written as 1. After this they will learn to count in mixed numbers only, as improper fractions.  Later they will count in both unit and mixed fractions. It is vital, therefore, that children are secure with the fact that when the numerator is equal to the denominator then the fraction is equivalent to 1.

The children will also learn how to compare and order fractions, convert mixed fractions and also add and subtract fractions too!