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What can you see in Summer?


Our Topic this term is 'What can you see in Summer?'. We will be observing and talking about the change in weather, as Spring turns to Summer. We will be looking at our natural environment around school and our local area, on the way to and from school, to see how this changes during the Seasons. 

Following on from growing our cress seeds we will be planting sunflowers and bean plants and watching them grow. 


We will be having some new additions to the Noah's Ark class on the 10.05.21 which will be very 'eggciting'!! We will watch what happens to the eggs.


Week beginning 24th May 2021

Week beginning 17th May

Today we looked at what had happened to our bean plants. We noticed that they were all quite different, some were tall, some hadn’t grown at all, and some had lots of roots. We thought maybe some needed more water or light to grow bigger.

Last week we placed eggs into different liquids to see what would happen. We made predictions of what would happen in the orange juice, coke and vinegar. We used vinegar because it is an acid which is what eats the enamel on our teeth if we don’t brush them properly. We used eggs because the egg shell is made of a similar substance to our teeth.

We explored the eggs this week, and looked what had happened. The orange juice egg had lots of hard bits on it, the coke had stained the egg brown and the vinegar dissolved the shell so that the egg was now bouncy instead of hard. 

Week beginning - 10th May


Our chicken eggs have arrived and are now nice and warm in their incubator. We have to check that the temperature is at 37.7 degrees on the display. We looked at photos of other eggs today and predicted what animal they would hatch in to. 

Week beginning 3rd May 2021


This week we have a fruit and vegetable shop in Noah’s Ark. We have shopping lists to write and money to pay for the fruit and vegetables. We really enjoyed exploring lots of different Summer fruits and we made a long list of words to describe them. The pineapple was described as “prickly”, “spiky”, “green” and the watermelon “stripy”, “smooth” and “red”. When we had written our words we tried the fruits. The children ate all the watermelon up very quickly  🍉. We have saved some seeds from some of the fruits to plant to see what happens.

Week beginning 26 April


We have been looking after our sunflower seeds by bringing them inside when it has been cold at night and then making sure they have plenty of sunlight during the day. We having been making sure they have plenty of water to drink. 



We placed wet paper towels into a plastic bag and added a bean seed. We attached the bags to the window and will watch how they grow in the next few weeks.

Week beginning 19th April 2021

This week we read a book telling us all about the life cycle of a plant. We discussed what plants need to grow and then planted our own sunflower seeds 🌻 We wrote our instructions using our phonics knowledge. We will look after our plants by watering them and giving them sunlight ☀️ 

We started our topic - “What can you see in Summer?” - by listening to a story about ice-cream, writing our ice-cream orders and then eating our ice-creams outside in the sunshine ☀️ 🍦