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Our class story this term will be chosen by the children during our first week back at this space!






Orphan        Victorian     Workhouse        Ragged School      Labour      Poverty




Writing - Fiction

Our Fiction writing this term will be based on the story of Prometheus and Pandora, a mythological story with themes of the splendour of the gods and the struggles of mortals.


This unit will teach the children the importance of different characters to develop a story as well as the role of the narrator. By the end of the unit, children will write a new ending for Prometheus and Pandora using Pandora's point of view.



Gargantuan        Potent     Appeased     Eternity       

Bestowed      Exquisite       Distraught    



English - Non-Fiction  

For our non-fiction writing this term, the Saints will be looking at the features and understanding what makes an effective set of instructions. Each child will then be tasked with writing instructions to make sherbet, which will then be followed and evaluated by their peers.