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Circulatory System


In this term's Science lessons, we will be continuing our exploration of the circulatory system. We will be looking more in depth at how the heart is affected during and immediately after exercise by performing a variety of experiments. Through these experiments we will develop scientific skills such as: making a prediction; observing and recording data; presenting data graphically and evaluating our results. 



WW2 Science Project

In addition, at the end of term we have a fun science project planned that links to this term's topic - Britain at War. This will see us find an effective method to send a coded message....

Key Vocabulary 

heart   circulation   blood   oxygenated    deoxygenated   nutrition  



The effect of sugar on the health of our hearts

The Prophets class learnt about how eating sugar in excess can affect the health of our hearts. Following this, we discovered that the recommendations from leading health organisations (WHO and NHS) is for adults to have no more than 30g of sugar per day. We then led an investigation to find out how much sugar was in some of our favourite food items. Here are some of the comments made by the children in their conclusions: 


“The part that surprised me the most is how much sugar was in the rack of ribs (23g per serving).” 


“ Some of the items didn’t contain as much as expected like Fanta, which turned out to only have 12g per serving.”


“I was shocked when the balls of ice cream had 2.8g per 100g because ice cream is usually very sweet.”


Photos of our sugar investigation