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At St Nicholas C.E. Primary Academy, we understand that art and being creative, within the love and light of God, are a vital part of our children’s education. Through our skills and knowledge based curriculum, pupils explore a range of materials and experience works from a diverse range of male and female artists as well as contemporary and historical acclaimed artists. Our children have the opportunity to develop and extend their skills whilst letting their individual creativity 'shine'. 





At St Nicholas C.E. Primary Academy, we teach art inline with our Cornerstones topics and delivery of an aspirational skills and knowledged based art curriculum. Using a range of techniques and media, children have the freedom to interpret, evaluate and analyse art. Our curriculum is delivered through a single highly-skilled HLTA from Year 1 to Year 6, with opportunities for art and design built in to continuous EYFS provision. 





Our art and design curriculum is high quality and is planned to allow children to gain the skills and knowledge required to access the world of art and design around them. As a school, St Nicholas are involved with external competitions regularly which inspires pupils and we provide frequent opportunites for children to enjoy and display their art in school. Children are confident to express themselves through art and experiment with their own pieces of work.