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This week we are moving on from writing our persuasive letters. We are still going to be trying to be persuasive, but over the next three weeks we will be focusing on persuasive adverts. 


Have a look at the attachments below for this week's work.



Can your remember what an Adverb is from our work last week? 


Today we are continuing our work with Adverbs. The document below has some adverbs can you write a definition for them? Then you need t use them in the sentences. 

Tuesday- we are going to be looking at different adverts that have already been made and comparing them. There are some questions at the end of the document that will help you find out what we need to be including when we make our own advert.


Wednesday- We will be making a list of everything that needs to be included in a persuasive advert.


Thursday and Friday- We are going to be planning our persuasive adverts. There is a document for each day outlining what you need to do.

Our letter from Mrs Booth

During Thursday and Friday's lessons we will be planning our persuasive adverts. 

Here is an example of how I started to plan my advert. I then repeated the same structure for point 2 and will be doing the rest of the planning sheet (from point 3) tomorrow during our second planning lesson.