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This term in reading we will be looking at a variety of short texts and applying all of our reading skills to answer comprehension questions. This will involve different styles of questions including short retrieval and vocabulary questions to longer answer inference, explanation and prediction questions, which require answers to be supported with evidence from the text. 


Important date

Reminder that the Prophets will be sitting their SATs tests on the week commencing

Monday 9th May 2022.

The reading paper will be sat on Tuesday 10th May 2022.


Exciting Event!

This term we will have a virtual author visit with children's author Tom Palmer. This is an amazing opportunity for the children in Prophets class to talk with an author who is dedicated to make reading enjoyable for all children. 


In the lead up to this, we will be looking at some of his amazing work in our reading lessons so that everyone in the class can take full advantage of this experience.


If you want to find out more about Tom Palmer and the books he has written, please use the following link to his website:




Here are some of the amazing stories written by Tom Palmer