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At St Nicholas we are thoroughly enjoying the Read Write Inc (RWI) scheme to learn our sounds and develop our reading. Your child has been put into a phonics group which they go to daily to learn and practise their sounds, to read a story that they can decode with the sounds they've already learnt and to complete a writing task that links with their book. Your child's RWI teacher will send home a book that your child can read with confidence. This means that for some children, their book may seem a little easy for them however, we want children to feel confident in their reading and to build fluency. This is also why we expect the children to read their RWI book at least 3 times a week if not more. Re-reading a book helps children develop fluency and expression. Your child's RWI teacher will change your child's book on a Monday and the expectation is that your child's phonics book is in school at all times as there are plenty of opportunities for adults to hear your child read. Your child will also be set homework on the Oxford Owl website from Thursday to Thursday. The homework is based on the book that your child is reading. You will be sent the e-book version as well as a quiz. Your child will also have the chance every week to borrow a book from our school library. This is a book that children aren't expected to read but instead for you to share with your child, to show a love of reading. If you have any questions about RWI and your child's reading, please don't hesitate to speak to Miss Smith. 

Oxford Owl Website


Here is the link the Oxford Owl website:


Once you click on the link it will take to this page:

On this page, you will need to log in with your child's details. Your child may already have their log in for this website but if not Miss Smith can give you a new one. Once you have logged in this is what you will see:

Here you will be able to see your child's assigned homework which is shown in the left hand box where it says 'Homework'. Once completed, it will move into the right hand side box that says 'Progress'. Your child can also explore lots of books that are available to them from Oxford Owl and RWI. This is a great resource as there are many books for your child to enjoy.