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KS1 Science

Today we will be continuing our learning about materials.  We will be learning that we can change the shape of materials in different ways!

Explore - Activity about bending!

Put some objects on the floor. Bend down and pick up  the objects.  How did your body move to pick them up?  Which parts of your body had to bend?  Did you bend your back, your knees or both?!


Next sit down on the floor with your arms and legs crossed/folded. Which parts of your body are bendy?   The scientific name for this bendiness is flexible.


Challenge 1 : Go on a hunt around your home for objects that are bendy/ flexible. You could take a photograph of the objects you find or you could draw or write a list.  

Challenge 2 : Go on a hunt around your home and try to find objects that bend stretch twist and squash. Make a list of the objects you find.



Did you know the opposite of bendy is rigid?  The word rigid means it does not bend.


Challenge 1



Challenge 2