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Rocks and Soil


During our Science lessons this term our topic is Rocks and Soil. Within this topic we will be learning about different types of rocks and carrying out an experiment to test their characteristics. We will also learn about fossils and soil. Whilst learning about soil we will find out if all soil looks and feels the same and if all soil has the same characteristics.

Does all soil look the same?


Today we started by going on a soil hunt where we noticed that all soil doesn’t look the same! We then learnt how soil is formed and what soil is made of before making a soil model to show the different levels. 



Today in science we did an experiment with different types of rocks. We found out if the rocks were permeable, low or high density, durable and hard or soft. We had to make sure it was a fair test by doing the same thing with each different type of rock.

We stared our rocks topic by exploring different types of rocks. We held them discussed what they were like and whether they were all the same or not. 

We then learnt about natural and man made rocks and sorted them into groups.