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Children learn about global warming and climate change and begin to understand how these changes affect biomes. They study data from the Global Climate Risk Index and identify the effects of climate change and extreme weather on people, especially in developing countries. Children learn about trade worldwide and study countries whose manufactured goods, food, or natural resources are exported across the globe. They also learn about natural resource management and the importance of sustainability.


Children analyse data and make conclusions from recent road traffic accident figures. They carry out fieldwork to collect data about the safety of a local road and use their findings to suggest positive changes. Children study patterns of human settlements, using terms such as ‘linear’, ‘circular’, ‘rural’, ‘compact’ and ‘dispersed’. They conduct a fieldwork investigate using maps, photographs and primary data to analyse and describe settlement patterns in the local area. 

Climate Change - The environment for Kids (Updated Version)

Educational video for children to learn what climate change is, what can we do to stop it and take better care of our planet. Over the past centuries, climate everywhere on Earth has changed, owing to human activity.