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This term we will be focusing on Writing to Entertain and we will be working on first person narratives and 3rd person narratives. Over the term we will be planning and writing our own adventure story about crossing a dangerous river. We will also be planning and writing our own version of Babe, the film based on our class book for the term Sheep Pig by Dick King-Smith.



Introduction, build up, problem, resolution, ending, first-person, third-person.


What is our problem going to be?


Today we started to think about planning and writing our own first person narratives. We thought about what our problem could be in our stories that will be linked to our topic Misty Mountains and Winding Rivers. After lots of discussions we decided that as we try to cross the river we were going to encounter electric eels that were trying to get us!

we then worked in groups to act out the problem of our stories before we start to plan and write them. 

Class Book


This term our class book is Sheep Pig by Dick King-Smith. 



Farmer Hogget, breed, rustlers, competition, trials.




It is expected that everyone reads 5 times a week and makes an entry into their reading journals. Everyone who does read 5 times a week will get a raffle ticket and be entered into a draw to win a brand new book each week! Alongside this, reading 5 times a week will help the children to improve their reading fluency and comprehension skills and unlock lots of magical adventures and information!